Industry Leader Reflects on the Past, Looks to the Future

With an impressive resume and many accomplishments to her name, Eva Stevens continually heeds her favorite words of advice to “show up and make a difference!” Recently promoted to executive vice president and chief operating officer of United Properties in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Stevens makes a commitment to giving back to the community and the greater real estate industry through organizations like NAIOP (local and national level), Women in Real Estate, and Gilda’s Club Twin Cities, a cancer support organization, where she was instrumental in securing and developing a site for the chapter’s clubhouse.

Clearly no stranger to setting ambitious goals and achieving them, in her role as 2015 NAIOP Vice Chair of Membership and Chapter Relations Stevens has her sights set on developing access to talent and thought leadership. This focus spans across diversity outreach, cross-chapter communication and the Developing Leaders program.

Market Share: How did you first get involved with NAIOP?

Stevens: Twenty five years ago, my boss, Bruce Carlson, asked me to check something out via my network. I didn’t have one. I looked around and found NAIOP…I have been on the local chapter membership or education committees ever since. I have served on the local chapter board and now on the Corporate board. I am a member of the Investment II National Forum as well.

Market Share: What are some of your favorite aspects of being in the commercial real estate industry?

Stevens: Managing investment real estate, mentoring/teaching and community outreach.

Market Share: How have you seen the commercial real estate industry in the Twin Cities area change over the course of your career thus far?

Stevens: The industry has grown and become segmented into specialties away from generalists. We have slowly evolved as an industry into diversification around gender, age and race. I see greater education and sophistication in decision making. There is greater transparency into coveted market information and information technology. New generations are changing how space is used.

Market Share: How do you anticipate that the industry will evolve over the next 5 years?


  • Further technological impact on use of space.
  • Greater transparency to global markets.
  • Functional obsolescence in aging structure and increased emphasis on re-purposing existing buildings.

Market Share: Which tech gadget can’t you live without?

Stevens: iPad mini and Kindle.

Market Share: Who has been an inspiring figure in your life?


  • My grandmother, who taught me to “just do what is next” when you are confused.
  • My father, who taught me to plan ahead.
  • My mother, who created a role inside my dad’s business when they married and made herself invaluable to its success.

Market Share: What is your dream vacation destination?

Stevens: Hiking and fishing in Alaska.

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