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The Move Toward Mobile

It was English poet John Donne who said, “No man is an island.”

 But in the 21st century, one could argue that a man (or woman) with a smartphone has all he or she needs. There are apps for online banking, food delivery, weather forecasts, navigation and fitness, not to mention a bevy of social media and gaming apps. Even the simple, perennially-useful desktop calculator has been made obsolete to the smartphone user. Employees with mobile access to email, remote computer servers, and video conferencing find themselves in a new virtual workplace.

Suhas Uliyar, Vice President of Mobile Strategy Product Management at Oracle, observes, “Workers and customers alike are untethered, which is enabling new business models and transforming industries. … for many people, mobility is now the primary way they interact and get things done.” In fact, time spent on mobile devices doubled in 2015.

NAIOP has developed a new mobile app with this in mind. Our goal: Maximize your member benefits with an app that is immediately beneficial and intuitive to use. We know you value opportunities for networking — use the app to search the full member directory on-the-go, make notes about future potential partnerships, and add contacts as “favorites” for easy access. One tap and you see our CRE industry news feed, plus a full list of all events (Chapter and Corporate) and upcoming education courses. You’re also automatically connected to the dedicated apps for our major conferences. Streamline everything CRE with just one app.

View the video above to see all of the app’s features in action, then download it today so you are always connected to commercial real estate.

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