Outdoor office

Pop-Up (Outdoor) Offices

Co-working centers and communal, open workspaces may have launched the revolution of the typical office, and now the concept is branching beyond four walls into the shape of pop-up, outdoor offices.

OUTBOX, a first-of-its-kind outdoor workspace, opens this month in Silver Spring, Maryland. Designed by applied technology students from Montgomery College and built by local developer The Peterson Companies., the 20-seat outdoor space offers desks, electrical outlets and free Wi-Fi. After hours, the space can be used for special events.

The Washington Post says OUTBOX isn’t the first foray into unchaining employees from the cube. The Golden Triangle in D.C. allows reservations for outdoor meeting space, and the City of Long Beach, California, is transforming a portion of a city park into an outdoor office featuring charging stations, shade and flexible seating.

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