Leading NAIOP: 2018 Chairman’s Perspective

As I take on the role of chairman, I offer my thanks to the executive committee and the board of directors for this great honor.

I feel fortunate to take on the responsibility of leading this great organization when the times are high for our industry, because I believe it gives the association confidence to move forward with initiatives and programs that capitalize on the energy and buzz created by a thriving industry.

You all know that NAIOP will embark on the process of implementing the strategic plan that most of us in the room today helped create. That plan is wide-ranging and truly captures the big-picture goals of the association:

  • Building a pipeline of talent that keeps our businesses relevant and successful.
  • Delivering vetted knowledge, and going a step further to explain how our research can be applied to gain a strategic advantage.
  • Efficiently and effectively lobbying across the states and provinces, and certainly in Washington, D.C., helping policymakers understand the valuable contributions of our industry.
  • Reinforcing relationships between NAIOP Corporate and our chapters, so that the member experience is strong and we’re all working in pursuit of the same mission.
  • And looking ahead to ensure the ongoing relevancy and resiliency of NAIOP in our rapidly changing time.

While all of the strategic initiatives are important as they stand alone, collectively they are a powerful statement in defining the value proposition of NAIOP.

In our business, it’s all about the ROI, and I believe NAIOP membership is no different. One of my biggest goals for next year – and one I’ve already charged NAIOP staff with taking on – is defining and communicating our members’ return on investment.

How can our research be used to improve a development?

What is the financial impact of a piece of legislation we influenced for the good of the industry?

How do members and chapters tap into all that Corporate has to offer? What can we do to increase their access and exposure?

I look to our association and board leaders to communicate the hard work of this organization, taking it back and sharing it with your chapter and market.

Beyond the strategic plan, we’re still in uncertain political times. I think we’d all expected that a full year after the presidential election, some progress would have been made on our priority issues. While tax reform efforts are underway, it’s going to be a long, slow journey toward reconciliation and hopefully, real reform. As chairman, I hope you’ll follow my lead in lending your voice and support, particularly to our PAC so that it can continue to serve as an effective way for NAIOP to reach and work with policymakers.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting NAIOP’s new offices and meeting with the senior staff. It is an organization that is in great shape. Under NAIOP President Thomas Bisacquino’s leadership, the staff is always looking ahead, and I look forward to collaborating with them this year and visiting chapters throughout our strong grassroots network.

On a personal note, I’d also like to thank my wife, Jane, our family, and my business partners back in Cincinnati for their support as I take on this adventure.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our association, please reach out to me. I am open and interested in your ideas and input, and I’m grateful for the confidence you are putting behind me as your chairman this year.

The preceding are comments by 2018 NAIOP Chairman Jim Neyer, given at CRE.Converge 2017 in Chicago.

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