From the 2019 Chairman: A Commitment to Leading a Thriving Association

As I take on the role of chairman, I’d like to thank my predecessor, Jim Neyer, the executive committee and board members, and the entire staff. It is my honor to serve you and the NAIOP organization.

What a great industry to be in and what a great time to be a part of it. We are now in our ninth year of recovery following the Great Recession, and for at least five years, commercial real estate has been in very positive territory.

Just like other industries, commercial real estate is undergoing its share of transformations due to tech-driven innovations. Disruptions from coworking, Amazon, autonomous vehicles and more are impacting all of us. But NAIOP is constant – NAIOP has helped me navigate my career for the past 18 years, and it will continue to do so for all of our 19,000 members, regardless of the industry’s peaks and valleys.

NAIOP is committed to delivering innovative conferences and research that convey valuable, actionable knowledge. We will provide advocacy at the state, federal levels. And we will continue to educate our Developing Leader members and provide abundant networking and business opportunities for all those in our industry.

Each chairman brings various skills, experiences and passions to this role. For me, that means continuing our important work on diversity efforts in our industry and using my experiences to lead efforts that heighten our events and offerings specific to the office sector. After all, the “O” in NAIOP, when it was an acronym, stood for office. And while industrial, the “I,” has been a more hotly discussed product over the last few years, there are abundant opportunities in office.

I’m a longtime National Forums member and have found that program to be one of the most meaningful parts of my NAIOP membership. The Forums program is almost 25 years old, and like any institution that has reached a quarter century, particularly one with 60 percent growth in the last decade, our challenges are different than they were in the early years. Some of these include integrating Developing Leaders as they transition to general Forums, establishing new groups on topics and trends that arise, and managing the growth of this successful program while maintaining a premium experience.

Throughout my year as chairman, you can be assured that NAIOP is here to help you navigate the issues facing our industry and our companies. I look forward to working with all of you and appreciate your input and service along the way.

Greg Fuller, 2019 NAIOP chairman and president and chief operating officer of Granite Properties, shared the above message with the NAIOP Board of Directors during the association’s Annual Meeting held at CRE.Converge 2018.

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