Three for Thursday: Tips for Your Personal Brand

Think of your online footprint as your first impression. This is your personal brand: your business card, portfolio, and resume presented to the world. If someone Googles you, what will they see? This week’s #ThreeforThursday offers some tips on how to get started creating your story.

Here are some ideas from MORe Now on “how to create a personal brand that both compliments your company’s brand, and separates you from the local competition.”

Tools and Tips:

  • Most articles will tell you to define 1-4 areas of expertise or “key attributes” that you want to highlight. Once you’ve completed that exercise, take a minute to listen in on the conversations happening in those areas.
    • Use tools like Twitter’s Advanced Search to search by hashtag or keyword.
    • Topsy and Icerocket will search across all social media.
    • Buzzsumo will identify top content and influencers. Figure out where the conversations are happening and then weigh in with your expertise.

Creating a personal brand is not about promoting your ego. The point is to tell your story and be authentic. According to Forbes’ Glenn Llopis, “Having a personal brand is a leadership requirement.  It enables you to be a better leader, a more authentic leader that can create greater overall impact.”

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