Education certificate recipient

Seeing the “Big Picture”

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.” – Herbert Spencer

Among the benefits of NAIOP’s The Center for Education Certificate of Advanced Study program is that students walk away equipped with an array of applicable tips and best practices they can use in their business. Charlie Bauman, Senior Analyst at Bentall Kennedy U.S., recently completed the program, which allows individuals to pursue a certificate in either Commercial Real Estate Development or Real Estate Finance. We talked with Bauman to learn more about his experience with the program.

Charlie BaumanPlease share your professional background and area(s) of interest in commercial real estate.

I have a background in finance and real estate development as a Senior Analyst at Bentall Kennedy U.S. with specific interests in architecture and construction.

Why did you choose to pursue a Certificate of Advanced Study in Commercial Real Estate Development?

The certificate program provided a nice complement to my current role by giving a “big picture” overview of all stages of the development process. The courses exposed me to areas of development that I had yet to encounter and provided great tips and best practices from some very accomplished industry veterans.

Which course was your favorite and why? Which course format(s) (online, on-demand, on-site) did you utilize and why?

My favorite course was Advanced Development Practices. Dan [Kohlhepp, President, Granite Road, LLC] structured the course in a great way, presenting the facts and reinforcing them with real world examples. I took advantage of the online/on-demand formats because they allowed me to easily fit the classes into my schedule.

How do you think earning this certificate will benefit you professionally moving forward?

Earning this certificate has provided me with some great skills in further areas of study, and demonstrates that I’m dedicated to building my knowledge and skill set in the industry I’m passionate about.

What advice would you give to others who are considering enrolling in the Certificate Program?

Attend the live online sessions as much as possible! Ask questions and keep up your work so you have plenty of time to thoughtfully complete your assignments.

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