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Developing Leader Spotlight: A Natural Leader and Teacher

Leadership by example is a guiding career principle for Brian O’Sullivan, CPA, CVA, a recipient of NAIOP’s 2016 Developing Leaders Award. He draws inspiration from driven leaders who are not only successful in business but who take the time to guide and mentor those who are new to the industry – a model he follows in his own career.

Brian O'SullivanO’Sullivan has over 15 years of public accounting experience in the areas of income taxation, valuation services and audit and attestation services. He specializes in U.S. income taxation for high net worth individuals, real estate entities, law firms and other businesses as well as sophisticated tax planning for the entities’ owners and partners. O’Sullivan also specializes in consulting on business sale transactions for clients and is well versed in the valuation of business enterprises. In addition to his role with LG Legacy Group, LLC, he recently served as an adjunct professor at Temple University.

As a member of multiple NAIOP committees, he uses his accounting expertise to stay up-to-date on the latest tax legislation and share his perspective on what it means for the industry. He serves on the 2017 NAIOP Corporate Tax and Finance Subcommittee, the NAIOP Greater Philadelphia Government Affairs Committee, and serves as co-chairman of his chapter’s Tax and Finance Subcommittee. These committees play a valuable role in helping NAIOP identify the issues facing the industry and determine how best to move forward.

NAIOP connected with this high-achieving young professional to learn more about what motivates his success.

NAIOP: What are some of the most rewarding aspects of your job?

O’Sullivan: Having a breakthrough educational moment with my team members. It can happen while working through an issue or reviewing a tax plan or position. The ability to share my experiences with them and move us both forward in our careers is very rewarding.

NAIOP: What is your ultimate career goal?

O’Sullivan: My career goal is to continue to grow LG Legacy Group’s commercial real estate practice into a recognized thought leader within the accounting industry. We strive to do this through our charitable presence in the community, our emphasis on a premium product, and a series of nationally broadcast tax-oriented webinars. I have filmed these professional education webinars on topics of interest to CPAs and other tax professionals including “Real Estate A to Z” and “Basis Rules.”

NAIOP: What advice would you offer to other young professionals in commercial real estate?

O’Sullivan: Find that one influential person who cares about your career, stick with them and gain as much knowledge from them as you can. Having a champion who sees your specific talents is very important both internally and in the business community.

NAIOP: Who has been an inspiring or influential figure in your life?

O’Sullivan: The first CPA I worked with, John Murphy. He had a way of explaining taxation and business that was practical and easy to understand. Whether it is in academia, at work, with a client or in a professional seminar, I continue to use the teaching skills I learned from John.

This is part of a series of profiles of NAIOP’s 2016 Developing Leaders Award recipients, who have distinguished themselves through exceptional commitment and contributions to the industry. This prestigious award was presented at NAIOP’s Commercial Real Estate Conference 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Watch this two-minute video to learn more about NAIOP’s Developing Leaders program. The recipients of the 2017 Developing Leaders Award have been announced; they will be recognized at CRE.Converge 2017 in Chicago. 

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