Ware Malcomb

Nexus of the Mind, Heart, Spirit and Body

Ware Malcomb is no stranger to NAIOP’s annual design competition. A three-time winner, the company came out on top once again as NAIOP encouraged architecture and design firms to envision the future of niche development, particularly as it related to senior living and medical office.

Meet the concept….

Ware Malcomb’s mixed-use medical campus includes four primary components: the Mind Nexus, Heart Nexus, Spirit Nexus and Body Nexus. The concept’s holistic view of health care delivery envisions “more health, less care,” and brings together a variety of high-tech spaces for learning, healing and wellness in a single destination.

Medical professionals will provide virtual consultations to patients through apps and microclinics/kiosks, and storage needs will change, as sterile case goods like stents and tools as well as custom molds and other products are made on-site as needed with 3-D printers. Space needs will shift as patients receive care remotely through technology and less in dedicated medical facilities. The components can be built using a phased approach and can operate autonomously.

Watch a video of Ware Malcomb’s presentation, presented by Michael Petersen, Director, Healthcare Design, Ware Malcomb.

This post is part of a series on the three winning design concepts of the NAIOP Niche Development design competition, presented at the Commercial Real Estate Conference 2015. The design competition presentation is sponsored by CenterPoint Properties, Duke Realty, Geopac, IDI Gazeley, Majestic Realty Co. and The Rockefeller Group.

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