Jennifer LeFurgy, Ph.D. - Photo by Dennis Brack


Jennifer LeFurgy Ph.D.

NAIOP’s Vice President for Knowledge and Research Jennifer LeFurgy, Ph.D., directs knowledge and research activities and serves as the Editor in Chief of Development magazine.
Health and Wellness in Industrial Buildings
Warehouses used to be spartan, utilitarian production and storage spaces. The emphasis was on throughput and convenience. However, some companies are incorporating human-centric features focused on wellness to capture market differentiation, increase employee retention and impact productivity.
Evolving Sustainability Regulations in Industrial CRE
Understanding the ever-evolving regulations and reporting requirements around ESG can be challenging. A panel of industry experts spoke to I.CON West attendees on why these regulations are about more than compliance. They can lead to market differentiation, improved communication with tenants, and interest from global investors.
Analyzing Capital Market Trends
As the industrial market sees some cooling from pandemic-era highs and financing tightens, what should owners and investors expect over the next 12-18 months? Four national experts took the stage at I.CON West to discuss what lies ahead for this popular asset class.
Analyzing Capital Markets 
As the economy continues to recover from the impact of the pandemic, investors are closely analyzing conditions in the current environment, including rising inflation, geopolitics, increasing interest rates and other factors. At I.CON East: The Industrial Conference, several capital market experts dove into what’s happening now and provided a forecast for the road ahead.  Moderator […]
Economic Drivers That Will Define the Post-pandemic World
What can we learn from the past to better understand the possibilities of the future? Global economist Dambisa Moyo, Ph.D., told attendees at NAIOP’s I.CON East: The Industrial Conference this week in Jersey City, New Jersey, that there are several geopolitical trends impacting the world’s economy that may seem “unprecedented” but have actually occurred earlier […]
Multistory Warehouses Come to the Bronx
Land shortages, rapidly increasing e-commerce demand, and the need to be close to population centers are driving the shape of warehouses up instead of out. Two sites in the Bronx, New York, are making the most of the last mile by employing a multilevel design approach common in Asia but relatively new to the U.S. […]