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Marie Ruff

Marie Ruff is Director of Marketing and Communications at NAIOP.
Developing Leader Spotlight: Empowering Young Leaders in CRE
Driven by collaboration and exploration, Maria Poyer, a recipient of the 2023 Developing Leaders Award, has evolved as a dedicated commercial real estate professional, specializing in acquisitions and development. With a proven track record and throughout her career, she has shepherded over $4.9 billion in commercial real estate transactions and worked on various developments, bringing a wealth of expertise to every project.
Developing Leader Spotlight: A Catalyst for Positive Change
“The spaces we occupy profoundly influence our lives, and it is my goal to shape those spaces in a way that enhances the well-being, productivity and creativity of individuals and businesses alike,” said Jace Jonsson, a recipient of the 2023 Developing Leaders Award. Jonsson said that his commercial real estate career has always been driven by the desire to be “a catalyst for positive change” within the commercial real estate industry and the broader community of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.
Developing Leader Spotlight: Find Your Passion
A passion for sustainability is the driving force behind the work of Langan Senior Project Manager Andrew Chun, CHMM, a recipient of the 2023 Developing Leaders Award. After studying environmental science and urban environmental analysis, Chun brought his expertise and interest in sustainability to a career in commercial real estate. A crucial part of sustainability efforts, he says, is the adapted reuse of blighted properties and brownfields sites.
ESG and Decarbonization Strategies for Industrial and Logistics Properties
“Developers are prioritizing projects that go beyond standard building codes to deliver high-performance buildings,” said Grant Waldron, director of sustainability strategy, GAIA, moderator of a panel on ESG (environmental, sustainability and governance) and decarbonization strategies at I.CON West in Long Beach, California.
Meeting California’s EV Truck-Charging Demand
California is in a race to implement an ambitious goal: making all new cars and light trucks net zero by 2035. The state has implemented policies pushing fleets to go electric while also providing grants and incentives to help offset costs. On the infrastructure side, there are mandates streamlining the permitting process.
Who Will the Bear Eat? The Perils of Hiking in the Presidential Woods
The 2024 presidential election is reminiscent of a classic joke about two guys who are hiking in the woods and come across a grizzly bear, said political commentator and journalist Chris Cillizza during NAIOP’s Chapter Leadership & Legislative Retreat last week. One hiker takes off his hiking shoes, opens his backpack and puts on his running shoes. The other says, “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!” The second hiker replies, “I don’t need to outrun the bear. I only need to outrun you.”
Market Share’s Most Popular Posts of 2023
Major themes dominating the attention of commercial real estate development professionals in 2023 included capital markets, financing and industry outlooks, according to the most-read Market Share posts this year. While concerns about usage of office space persist, blog readers were also drawn to posts about industrial real estate – again, often where industrial real estate intersected with capital markets. Read on for the top 10 and catch up on any pieces you missed.