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Developing Leaders award leadership concept

Developing Leader Spotlight: Empowering Young Leaders in CRE

Driven by collaboration and exploration, Maria Poyer, a recipient of the 2023 Developing Leaders Award, has evolved as a dedicated commercial real estate professional, specializing in acquisitions and development. With a proven track record and throughout her career, she has shepherded over $4.9 billion in commercial real estate transactions and worked on various developments, bringing a wealth of expertise to every project.

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Old ways won't open new doors

Developing Leader Spotlight: A Catalyst for Positive Change

“The spaces we occupy profoundly influence our lives, and it is my goal to shape those spaces in a way that enhances the well-being, productivity and creativity of individuals and businesses alike,” said Jace Jonsson, a recipient of the 2023 Developing Leaders Award. Jonsson said that his commercial real estate career has always been driven by the desire to be “a catalyst for positive change” within the commercial real estate industry and the broader community of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

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Sustainability - city skyline

Developing Leader Spotlight: Find Your Passion

A passion for sustainability is the driving force behind the work of Langan Senior Project Manager Andrew Chun, CHMM, a recipient of the 2023 Developing Leaders Award. After studying environmental science and urban environmental analysis, Chun brought his expertise and interest in sustainability to a career in commercial real estate. A crucial part of sustainability efforts, he says, is the adapted reuse of blighted properties and brownfields sites.

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Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran Gets Candid: 7 Lessons for Business

Can you build a business through a crisis and still come out on top? CRE.Converge keynote Barbara Corcoran, the real estate mogul behind The Corcoran Group and star for the past 14 seasons on ABC’s four-time Emmy award-winning show “Shark Tank,” survived three recessions and knows the ins and outs of weathering the storm.

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Adaptive reuse - The Foundry

Trends and Considerations in Adaptive Reuse

Low occupancy across the office sector as well as high demand for housing has many real estate development professionals asking whether adaptive reuse of commercial buildings may be an option to add supply during the housing crisis.

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Amazon Spheres Tour

Connecting With Nature in Amazon Spheres

In the middle of Amazon’s central campus in downtown Seattle are three orbicular structures filled with more than 40,000 plants that create a unique space for employees to gather, work and collaborate. They provide what the company says is often missing from a traditional workspace – a direct link to nature.

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AI session

AI Applications in the Built Environment

With ChatGPT suddenly mainstream, artificial intelligence has become a hot topic with the ability to disrupt any and every industry it touches. The commercial real estate industry is not excluded from this disruption, but the implementation of AI in the space leaves a lot yet to be discovered.

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Downtown office

The Evolving Urban Office Landscape

The office market is still struggling with high interest rates and increased levels of remote work, producing a tough lending environment and frozen deals on the sales side, and generous concessions and terms that favor tenants in leasing. That said, there are glimmers of hope.

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