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Distressed or Value-impaired? Savvy Investors Understand the Difference

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, investors have been waiting on the sidelines to take advantage of distressed properties, hopeful that the event would trigger something akin to the steep discounts available during the Global Financial Crisis. However, banks have learned lessons from the GFC, and this time around have been more cautious to unload their book of CRE loans. As a result, there have been fewer distressed opportunities in this current economic cycle.

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Industrial market outlook

Industrial Market Outlook for the Eastern US

A powerhouse panel of industrial experts took to the stage at NAIOP’s I.CON East to discuss the state of East Coast industrial markets, what challenges are ahead, how macroeconomic factors could impact the sector, and what opportunities are on the horizon.

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Capital markets

Optimism Abounds at Industrial Capital Markets Panel

The industrial sector has seen incredible growth and appreciation over the last number of years, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet many of the positive market forces have recently shifted. How can investors, developers and service providers position themselves for the future in today’s environment?

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Autonomous Everything: AI, the Future, and What We Can Do About It

Firms are using AI, statistical analysis and machine learning every day, said I.CON West keynote and futurist Greg Lindsay. It has historically been thought of able to achieve “what humans can’t do,” but that mark is constantly shifting. It’s most successful in what Lindsay calls a “centaur model,” in which humans and AI working together are more powerful than either can be apart.

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Capital Markets Keynote

Peeling Back the Onion of Capital Markets and Cold Storage Development

“Less than 2% of industrial space today is cold storage, and it probably needs to be at 15%. We’re not even in the first inning,” opened economist KC Conway in a keynote session at NAIOP’s I.CON Cold Storage. Using the analogy of peeling back an onion, Conway identified four cold storage and capital markets “layers” to “see what makes us sweat and what makes us cry.”

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