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Market Share’s Most Popular Posts of 2022

Inflation, interest rates and other data about economic conditions were popular subjects on NAIOP’s Market Share blog in 2022 as commercial real estate professionals analyzed their next moves during an uncertain time. Office market demand and trends were also popular headlines among the top 10 most-read posts of the year. See below for the full list of what captured the attention of industry professionals in 2022, and check back for continued coverage of timely topics on Market Share, the official blog for commercial real estate.

And, as the calendar turns to 2023, what’s ahead for commercial real estate? We talked to several NAIOP Distinguished Fellows and Research Foundation Governors to get their forecasts for the next 12 months. Find out what they have to say about inflation, office space demand, e-commerce trends, and more.

Top 10 Most-read Posts of 2022

  1. Reconciliation Redux and Carried Interest
    By Aquiles Suarez, NAIOP | 8/3/22
    Democratic hopes for a big bill that would enact President Joe Biden’s climate change agenda, among other things, seemed all but dead. But after months of on-and-off negotiations, and with little more than a week before the Senate was scheduled to leave for an August recess, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) announced an agreement on a $740 billion budget reconciliation bill, surprising Democrats and Republicans alike.
  2. How Will Inflation Impact Commercial Real Estate?
    By Gary Tasman, Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Property Southwest Florida | 1/13/22
    At the end of last year, the Federal Reserve categorized the nation’s economic situation as “transitory inflation,” in other words, a temporary and predicted result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell later acknowledged that inflation would likely last longer than initially anticipated. This is part one of a two-part series on the impact of inflation on commercial real estate.
  3. Six Ways to Reduce Risk on Office Construction Projects
    By Michael Casolo, Unispace | 1/25/22
    The right design may be the key to achieving the flexible, experiential physical workplace of the future – but it’s only half the battle. Even the most flawless blueprint requires seamless construction delivery to unlock its maximum potential.
  4. U.S. Office Market Trends: 2022 Q1
    By Eliza Theiss, CommercialEdge | 5/10/22
    Despite widespread predictions that the COVID-19 pandemic would put an end to office buildings, construction has persisted, albeit at a reduced rate. In March, 144.7 million square feet of office space was under development across the country, accounting for 2.2% of total stock. Of that office space, 93% is Class A or A+, indicating that businesses continue to prioritize high-quality projects in order to retain their workforce.
  5. Keeping an Eye on What’s Ahead
    By Jeffrey Milanaik, Bridge Industrial and 2022 NAIOP Chair | 5/12/22
    NAIOP’s 2022 chair shared his perspective on the biggest challenges facing commercial real estate this year and how our association can help members meet those challenges head-on. He said, “I am confident that the support NAIOP provides its members will help guide, inform and connect us.”
  6. Office Development Pipeline Robust Even as Return-to-office Plans Remain on Hold
    By Irina Lupa, CommercialEdge | 1/21/22
    In summer 2021, the office market was gearing up for a much-anticipated return to the office in the fall as a result of widespread optimism owing to efficient COVID-19 vaccine rollouts and falling case counts. However, the emergence and subsequent ascent of new variants threw a wrench in return-to-office scenarios. What has become apparent during this time is the transformation of the traditional office space utilization and workers’ preferences.
  7. Marci Rossell on Interest-rate Realities, the Shrinking Labor Supply and Trouble in Europe
    By Brielle Scott, NAIOP | 10/11/22
    At NAIOP’s annual conference, CRE.Converge 2022, attendees had the chance to hear from keynote Marci Rossell, expert economic forecaster, former CNBC chief economist and co-host of Squawk Box. Rossell spoke candidly on a broad range of topics from supply chain issues to the challenges in finding labor to the Russia-Ukraine war, and more.
  8. Unique Adaptive Reuse Projects
    By Brielle Scott, NAIOP | 10/11/22
    Adaptive reuse projects can often be a high-risk, high-reward proposition, as aging or obsolete assets bring their own set of unique challenges for developers hoping to revitalize or reposition a property for new uses. But as availability of land continues to shrink in densely populated areas, and big-box retail stores stand empty, developers are taking another look and evaluating the untapped potential of repositioning these sites.
  9. Culture and Connectedness in the New World of Work
    By Brielle Scott, NAIOP | 10/12/22
    After the COVID-19 pandemic sent everyone home from the office and into the remote workplace, “there was a lot of talk about ‘when do we go back to work?’” said Keith Ferrazzi, bestselling author and founder and chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a global consulting and coaching firm, at CRE.Converge 2022. “Let’s stop talking about when we go back to work – to how things used to be – and talk about how we go forward.”
  10. CommercialEdge: Coworking Sector on the Rise as Office Space Demands Shift
    By Eliza Theiss, CommercialEdge | 9/13/22
    Two and a half years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the office sector is still experiencing high vacancy rates and declining listing rates. Coworking spaces, on the other hand, are making a comeback after seeing their usage swiftly drop with the onset of the pandemic. As office-using business sectors adopt long-term work-from-home and hybrid models, coworking and flex spaces are emerging as one solution for businesses’ space demands.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Advancing Sustainable Brownfield Development with Public-private Partnerships
    By Kathryn Hamilton, CAE, NAIOP | 10/4/22
    The proximity of some brownfields – typically former industrial sites or other contaminated properties – to business centers and transportation networks can make them prime targets for redevelopment, but the need for environmental remediation can be daunting. Effectively navigating public-private partnerships can ease the burden and result in higher-performing, sustainable projects, according to a study published by the NAIOP Research Foundation.
  2. Retail-industrial Trend Poised to Spark Real Estate Innovation
    By Linda Strowbridge | 8/25/22
    Growing convergence between the retail and distribution sectors could have profound impacts on the commercial real estate industry. As retail and industrial clients adjust to shifts in consumer behavior and the overall economy, CRE professionals will be challenged to change their thinking about how to truly serve their clients. That challenge, however, could also produce innovative real estate products and new opportunities. That’s according to Dustin C. Read, Ph.D./J.D., author of the NAIOP Research Foundation report.
  3. NAIOP-Drexel Summer Program Blog Series
    By NAIOP Greater Philadelphia | 11/1-29/22
    This blog series provides an in-depth look at the NAIOP Greater Philadelphia Chapter-Drexel University Summer Program, which brings together 30 high school rising juniors and seniors of color for a 10-day immersive experience, exposing them to nearly every aspect of commercial real estate.
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